Samin Group 
About Samin International Group

About Samin International Group

Samin International Group has been Founded since 1995 in the United Arab Emirates and then in the great country, Iran.

In the early years ,the primary services of this holding were limited to consultation and implementation of promotions. Afterwards, this company  has continued its activities specifically in the area of management consulting in different fields of human resources, customers club, foreign investments and other similar branches.

After registering in Iran, Samin International Group has also registered in Switzerland to be world widely reognized, and also its offices are established in Tehran and Las Vegas in 2016 to advance its progress of international affairs in a more stable situation than before.

Samin Group's subsidiary companies are as follows:

  • Samin Management Consulting Company
  • Samin Design and Graphic House
  • Samin Promotion Company
  • Samin Publication Company
  • Samine Rizpardazan Engineering Company
  • Sanin Clinic 

USA (+1)7029455797 - Canada (+1)4389227218
Iran +982122030065 - +989124610646